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AbsurdTV (About us)

A group of like minded individuals consisting of actors, writers, directors and talent to form a conglomeration that is, AbsurdTV.
(specializing in Gaming, Comedy and Horror).

Each month we strive to bring you a new mind bending, thought provoking, jab in your brain candy to let you know that
everytthing is ok. We will get through this crazy world that at times may infact, be referred to as Absurd.
We pull no punches, we are not PC. We do things just as you like it so please sit down, because we don,t think you can stand it.

Now in season three, we bring you fresh videos to entertain and stimulate the brain cells. In the future look for AbsurdTV premium edition,
that provides exclusive videos that are not for public consumption. Our subscriber based service will have feature film content,
exclusive content and behind the scenes videos that are for your eyes only.

Please like our Facebook page and to find behind the scenes pics, updates and latest news stories. We look forward to your face on our books.
Peace, love and sideburns.

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AbsurdTV” PO Box 217 Whittier, CA 90608 Phone: 562-365-1297 - Fax: 562-365-1298 –

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